My First Semester

This first semester has done a lot for me in many ways. Its been hard having a girlfriend back home, first year of college, football, all while still trying to decide what  I even want to do with my life! In my writing class particularly I feel like I have matured and improved in so many ways as a writer. Ive always been told I’m a pretty good writer but it was never something that excited me. This semester has showed me that time, patience, and deep thought is what really makes a good paper, I feel like I have improved so much in that area. An area that needs improvement ( although it can all use improvement) would be my vocabulary. As I continue to write I would like to increase my vocabulary and be able to bring flare to my papers with the different words I use. I also think I need to improve in time management, I always either start really early and don’t touch it till its due or I cram at the last second. Although I do feel I have improved in giving myself time, id like to improve even more so.


Future Writing

For me, my future very unknown, I haven’t even picked a major yet! If writing is in my future it will probably have something to do with sports. I never post on Facebook or other social medias. I enjoy sports and would love to be able to write about it for a living. I would love specifically to write about football and the St. Louis Rams. The Rams are my favorite football team and it would be a dream to follow them around writing blogs and articles about them. There are many reasons I would love to write about the Rams, one being I love learning and studying how they play football. If I was a writer for the Rams I would get to watch every single game and talk to the players, coach, and owner to get more information. I would get to show the Rams to everyone from my point of view!

Faith In Sports

Dear Dave,

I read your article,”Tim Tebow, Luke Babbitt, and expressions of faith in sports”, and I found it to be very interesting! I had some disagreements and other times I was on the same page. For example I am not sure how I feel about the reasons given why you wouldn’t proclaim your faith. I don’t think its a bad thing if you don’t but in professional sports you have one of the biggest stages and as christians we are called to save others. So it only makes sense that if on that stage you should be trying to proclaim your faith, even if you get ridiculed, or even if it only saves a couple people! I do agree with you when you wrote about how gestures like “tebowing” or pointing skyward are simple gestures and the players have a right to do so if they chose, just like a TD celebration dance. Just like if a athlete with some other religion did some gesture to show his faith, I wouldn’t mind, its a gesture and he has the right to do so. I don’t agree when you compare gestures of faith to s tree falling in the forrest. the point is that you got the word of God out by doing those gestures, how people perceive it is up to them, we can’t do anything about that. These men and women are good athletes and have a stage to share their faith, doesn’t mean they can go and touch each person who sees their gestures of faith on a personal level.

Numbers Do Lie?

This article is about sports and particularly football stats, now while sports stats don’t necessarily lie, they are often times used to “lie” to us. This article lies to us by fabricating and giving us meaningless numbers. For example this article talks about how much more important individual stats because of the fact that there are only 16 NFL games, when in reality, that number doesn’t really matter at all. Them they use big numbers by comparing it to the MLB who has 162 games, but an average is an average and the amount of games doesn’t really matter in the short run. With football stats, they often time give you all sorts of numbers to make a running back sound like he’s the best in the league, but when you simplify the stats and break it down, the running back only averages four yards a carry. On the other hand, football stats also lie to us because football is a team sport. So just because a running back has the best numbers in the NFL doesn’t mean he’s the best running back, most times its because they have the best offensive line. There is so much more that goes into being a good player than numbers. For all we know, every time this guy touches the ball, his offensive line parts the defense like the red sea! Football stats can lie too us in many ways, this is why it is smart to know what you’re reading about and not just impressed by big numbers.

Who Fascinates Me?

My grandpa on my moms side fascinates me a lot, every chance I get I watch how he responds or reacts in certain situations. He is such an interesting person and always in his own world. He is a very hard worker and I admire that about him. He stutters when he talks and that makes for some of the most fun memories of him arguing about politics. He loves to hunt and fish, I know so much about him but at the same time there is so much I want to learn! If I were to properly research him I would talk to my mom about her childhood with him and I would talk to my grandma, both of them have endless stories about my grandpa. I would talk to some of his friends, my uncle, and people he works with. I think he interests me so much because the more I learn  about him the more I learn how much I am just like him.  Through his years he has gained lots of wisdom and I love hearing stories that help me in my situation. I especially like advice from him when wishing of hunting or even shooting a gun, he has so much to tell. He is always making the family laugh during christmas, thanksgiving, or the fourth of july when we all stay in a cabin. He is always a pleasure to be around and knows how to lighten up any situation, he is definitely a fascinating person and I can’t wait to continually learn more about him.

Funny Resumes,d.cGE&psig=AFQjCNH1Nwx31QBJdBUGLvF1Qq0vlqXCzA&ust=1412797843964592

I found this one very funny because when you’re making a resume, you probably shouldn’t write about how you went to jail for being a dope dealer. Although maybe the person hiring really appreciated the honesty, who knows.,d.cGE&psig=AFQjCNHws3SjuXwbQMcLOFZkStWH-53ezw&ust=1412798586194642

This one is funny because he talks about wanting to apply there because the “gordida crunch” did not disappoint. I don’t think this guy got the job.

Some people need to just learn how to spell. Or at least turn on spell check. Proof read? Anything?*picture*aetn-default-mpx-series*picture_gallery_965x664*dd_01252012_zd_0242.jpgquestionmarkitok%3DQucJtjk9%2F&ei=gUg0VL2nI4rEiwK-pIGIBQ&bvm=bv.76943099,d.cGE&psig=AFQjCNGKp30em__Q6bAE9YRnzbimCvHLJg&ust=1412798977003995

Then there is just the people who simply need a better education, I can’t tell at all if he is serious or not. Poor guy.,d.cGE&psig=AFQjCNGKp30em__Q6bAE9YRnzbimCvHLJg&ust=1412798977003995

This person is being way too honest. Sometimes its better to just leave things out.

Google Making Us Stupid?

Personally googled has gotten me through high school, as I’m sure it has more many students. I feel that people are still experts in certain areas though, for example I have a high knowledge of sports, and google had no play in that.  I think that google might be aiding in the lack of knowledge when it comes to things that don’t interest us. For example, a science major who has a passion for the subject, has put work in and is smart in that field, but google might have gotten that science major through his history class. I find it hard to find motivation for things that you don’t see in your future. So in a sense, google might be making us “lazier” when it comes to things we don’t feel benefit us.  But an expert in any field is an expert because of his passion and work, not google. I don’t think “stupid” is the right word for the “problem” of google, laziness hits it better.